Solving emergency water is our passion

We exist to bring innovation to disaster relief and emergency response water.  


Good-bye plastic bottles 

 The incumbent solution for emergency relief water, plastic bottles, leaves lots of room for improvement. Box of Rain Water was founded to deliver safe water to those most in need, accomplished in a more eco-friendly way using 80% less plastic 


We are water industry professionals who are passionate about making sure those most in need are able to get safe water. 

The combination of experience and skills in our team drives our innovative approach to emergency relief water.  Couple our team with our network of non-profit, civic sector and corporate partners, and our ability to deliver social impact is real.  Photo to the Right: Maria Ullman interview

Forklift Delivery


Delivery of safe water to those most in need drives our process

The water in our Safe Water Boxes is sustainably sourced, third-party certified, and safe for a minimum of 3 years. The water is purified by reverse osmosis, micron filtration, carbon filtration and protected by ozonation. 

Glasses of Water


Safe water, for drinking, cooking and hygiene during or immediately after an emergency. 

Box of Rain Water's Safe Water Boxes™ are not just 'water', rather, they are safe water delivered to those most in need in a timely way, accomplished in a sustainable fashion  Smart Bottles® can be filled with local water deemed to be safe for distribution. 

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Our Team

We are a team of water-industry professionals passionate about bringing business model innovation to emergency relief and humanitarian water.  Box of Rain Water is an extension of our commitment to getting clean water to those most in need, in the most sustainable way possible. 

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