Be there when they need you the most.

Water can't wait. Be a part of community that serves those most in need immediately, sustainably and efficiently. 


Disaster Relief

Be Prepared

How often disasters happen?

Natural disasters including earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, heat waves, and droughts kill around 90,000 people each year. Around 160 million people are directly affected and suffer long term impacts on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

What is the challenge of getting safe, clean water during disaster?

In case of emergency, it is recommended to have at least 3 days worth of water, 1 gallon per person per day. However,  many are not able to prepare before a disaster hits. For this reason, Box of Rain created a plan. 

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"Last Mile" Partners

None of this would be possible without our strong network of

"Last Mile"Partners. These are nonprofit organizations, disaster relief agencies, food banks, or any other organization that's making a difference in communities around the world. They are the 'last mile' distributors out in the field ready to deliver Box of Rain's Safe Water Boxes to communities in need of safe water. 


Reliable Solution

Box of Rain provides a reliable, sustainable solution to disaster relief and preparedness. 


"Box of Rain's resources helped us get water to distribute to various communities in the Chicagoland area. When we needed it, they provided it." 

Premium Water

Our water is premium. The water is processed and purified, which allows for a minimum shelf life of

3 years.

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Sustainable Packaging

Our Box of Rain is 100% recycled cardboard and contains an inner bag that is also recyclable.

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Socially Responsible

No more water bottles. No more overuse of plastic. No more polluted, contaminated drinking water for people. It is time to act + drink smart, clean, and safe. 

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Strong Partner Network

Box of Rain works with a variety of non-profit organizations, disaster relief agencies, and public health officials in order to respond when disaster strikes.

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