How Does Box of Rain Work?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

6 Steps to Deliver Social Impact

Box of Rain supports your CSR efforts to help communities before, during, and after emergencies through the delivery of safe water. We bring a practical, eco-friendly solution to emergency and disaster relief, and provide a way to help efficiently and effectively. Through our corporate partnership, along with our nonprofit 'Last Mile" partners on the ground, we have created the easiest process to deliver social impact.

Here are the steps to accomplish a corporate's social impact goals (Egan's Irish Whiskey) with our Last Mile partners (Good360) on the ground.

1. Egans donates to Good360

2. Good360 purchases Safe Water Boxes from Box of Rain

3. Box of Rain produces Safe Water Boxes for Good360

4. Good360 receives Safe Water Boxes from Box of Rain

5. Good360 distributes Safe Water Boxes to active locations and communities with compromised water

6. Good360 captures photos and stories for corporate communications

Please visit our contact page or email us at to start your social impact in water.

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