Crisis Within a Crisis: Flint, MI

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

6 years later, the community of Flint, Michigan still does not have access to safe water. How is this possible?

With safe water not always accessible, there is an enormous limitation and burden on the community of Flint when it comes to water. Drinking water, washing your hands, simple tasks that many take for granted are a constant worry to these families and individuals. Many do not have access to safe water even for these simple tasks. There is an extreme risk of getting lead poisoning and other illnesses from drinking what water is accessible in Flint.

Thankfully, one of our trusted corporate partners, W. S. Darley & Co. and Hill Harper, sponsored 5,000 gallons worth of our safe water boxes to the individuals in Flint. Their donations are being distributed to St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church, St. Luke's New Life Center, and Martus/Luna Food Pantry throughout the entire week. Darley's response and support has served hundreds of families and individuals that have been affected by this crisis. Check out the story on ABC 12 News here:

Flint is in need of more emergency water relief until all service lines are replaced and trust has been rebuilt in the community. We are looking to find more corporate partners that are looking to aid in Flint's relief and support. With our amazing partners on the ground, we need more sponsors of safe water boxes to help raise Flint out of this crisis.

*if you are a corporation looking to make a difference, please visit our contact page or email us at

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