It's Time: Moving Past Water Bottles

No more water bottles. No more overuse of plastic. No more polluted, contaminated drinking water for people. It is time to act + drink smart, clean, and safe.

H2O + Plastic Bottles = Dangerous

The most important resource of life is water. H2O is the foundation of all living things. The most common usage of this resource is contained in an overused product: plastic. It is hard to comprehend that this product could have major consequences towards our health and our world. Unfortunately, the reality is that it harms us more than we may know.

When it comes to disaster relief, it is recommended to have water in storage if and when a disaster occurs. Usually, plastic water bottles are stored. However, it is estimated that “25 percent or more of bottled water is really just tap water in a bottle—sometimes treated, sometimes not” (NRDC). This means that the water you store and drink may not even be filtered or treated. In fact, there is a huge risk of drinking bottled water because you are exposed to harmful toxins from the plastic that leach into the water.

No more plastic. No more questions.

Do we constantly have to ask ourselves - How long has this water really been inside this plastic bottle? How does plastic leaching into my drinking water really affect me? – or is there a better, healthier, safer option?

Box of Rain eliminates these weighing questions. Box of Rain water is treated, purified, and tested. Our sustainable packaging is 100% recycled cardboard. There is no need to put your life at risk from drinking water. It is time to drink smart, clean, and safe. It is time to be sustainable towards disaster relief water. The time is now to act.

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