Mutual Aid for All in Newark, NJ

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Box of Rain Water teamed up with the Newark Water Coalition in June to provide mutual aid to the citizens of Newark, NJ.

The Newark Water Coalition fights for water security and equality for the citizens of Newark, NJ. Since 2018, the Newark Water Coalition has responded to the water crisis that Newark communities face every day. Their tap water is severely contaminated and dangerous to drink. Newark is in need of immediate water supply!

The Mutual Aid March in June provided Newark residents with food, diapers, supplies, and Box of Rain's Safe Water Boxes during the rally. Together, we were able to deliver safe water to families and individuals effected by this water crisis.

We support Newark Water Coalition's efforts to INVEST and REBUILD communities of Newark. If you are interested in supporting water relief efforts in Newark, please visit our contact page or email us at

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