ReadyBox: For Emergency Preparedness

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Are You Prepared? The ReadyBox is the most cost-effective and eco-friendly emergency preparedness solution to quickly fill, store, and distribute safe water during times of emergency.

The ReadyBox offers you:

Efficient Storage: 500 collapsed boxes and 500 bags on 1 pallet

Max Water: Once filled, each box stores 2.64 gallons of water, equaling 1,320 gallons per pallet

Eco-friendly: The corrugated box is 100% recycled cardboard

Quick Set-up: 60 seconds to assemble box without any glue or tape, fill bag with water, and insert into box

Safe Materials: The bag is a food-grade FDA approved bag for safe potable water

Low Cost: $7 per box; $3,500 per pallet

One trailer of 26 pallets includes 13,000 flat-packed boxes and bags. Once assembled and filled (60 seconds per box), you will have a convenient and safe container to deliver water to up to 34,000 people* in your community.

*1 gallon per person per day

The ReadyBox is your new solution for

storing and providing safe water

for emergency situations.

More details on the ReadyBox here.

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